Let’s see! Your smartphone is your first helper everywhere. There are many apps that can be really helpful in different life situations. Mobile apps can better your study, improve your social life, help you in shopping and even traveling. Which way? Let’s see. Traveling in New York is impossible without a car. Take your mobile phone and pick the best car from Alamo SJU. If you do it beforehand, you can get even the cheaper price. Is it helpful? No doubts!

Nevertheless, there are many applications in your cellphone that are absolutely useless. They can be colorful, bright, and funny, but really useless. You stop using them sooner or later. They are available for both platforms iOS and Android. So, let’s get bring them out into the open!

Jelen pivo - Sobriety Test Mobile App

Ugly Meter for iOS

It shows how much ugly you are

Ugly Meter gives a mark to how ugly you look according to your face details. The highest mark is 10. If your rate is about 8-10, you are the luckiest one! Your face is beautiful. Of course, you can also get some comments about what is wrong with you and what needs changes. Honestly, this is not the most pleasant one, if only you are a plastic surgeon.

Fat Booth for iOS

It makes you fatty

You should pick a good clear picture for a Fat Booth. The app makes your face and body fat. Do you really feel good when you get the result? It’s weird!

Coloring App for Android

It helps you to color pictures

Coloring apps become very popular for Android. The most of them are problematic and even cause problems with your phone. For example, such apps as Color by Disney need some money from you to download it on your phone. How does it usually work? You get some interesting content on your phone for free. Later, you need to pay monthly to get more content. The prices can be different. Also, there are many cases when the content you get doesn’t have anything to do with coloring!


Love Detector App for iOS

It shows how much love you have

This is absolutely useless app that shows how much love you have according to the love scale. It’s funny, but when you take your phone in the horizontal, you love rate goes up to 10, if it is in vertical it goes down to 1.

AskWally for iOS

It is an app with an all knowing duck

This informative app is able to get answers for all your questions. Just ask Wally. Wally is a funny duck that must be too smart to help you. Anyway, answers are often not to the point.

BieberHair App for iOS

It gives you Bieber’s hair

Everything is simple here! You can take different pictures from your phone gallery and see how you and your friends or even pets look in Bieber’s hairstyle. Is it really interesting?

Fan Cooler for Android

It pretends that it cools your phone and air around

Fan Cooler and other applications like this looks absolutely useful. Nevertheless, they are useless at all. So, let’s come closer to the point. This app is predicted to decrease a temperature around. Actually, it is a funny simulation of ventilator. It makes your friends believe that the temperature is really making cooler when you speed up or slow down the windmill wings. Of course, you can use it once or twice to fool your friends but no more. It becomes boring.

my precious

Man-to-Animal Translator for Android

It translates the language of animals for you

This is a sort of a useless app that you don’t need in real. Nevertheless, such an animal friendly app is needed. Of course, there are many different apps that help to communicate with your pets. They are laser pointers, whistles, sound effects, and everything that humanity could invent. Obviously, they don’t help you at all, just make noise and make your pets feel nervous. This translator is able to translate your dog’s language to you as you can easily understand what it wants. It sounds good. But in real, the app is really noisy and does nothing but irritates nervous.


Useless App for Android

It does nothing

This app is so incredibly and amazingly useless that it makes you laugh. Look at the name! It is already called absolutely useless. So, what is this all about? There are no features at all, no pictures, screens, icons, no information and description. There are no buttons and keys, and anything that can help you to control it. You can realize it as you try it. This must be the most useless app in the world. The group of scientists tried to find at least anything informative and useful, but they failed. The truth is this is probably the fist and the only one app that really does what it promises: nothing.


Tickle Me Timmy for Android

It makes you fun

Tickle Me is a kind of an app that makes you believe that you phone is alive. You can tickle it and the smartphone will laugh. Actually, there are many apps that make you do with your phone everything you can imagine, kiss, shake, tickle, spin around, talk, and even feed. For example, you can find an app that makes you kiss your phone and you’ll gate the rate how good your kiss is. Also, you can find applications that make your gadgets talk to you. Of course, you can use any of them if you are really interested. But don’t use it outside in the crowd of people. Just remember, your cellphone is nothing but your helpful gear, nothing more. So, be smart.

So, it is time to delete all useless apps from your smartphone and download something that can be really helpful. Where to? Go simply to Google Play Market and search. There are many useful apps that are usually free to download and easy to use. They are needed everywhere: at school, in the shop, at work, and even while you are traveling. Some of them are really good to have fun with.