Blogging is the key way to enrich your website with high quality content. It’ll help you to get more traffic and web popularity in shorter time. But, what you need to know first is how to rank your blog post in Google SERP. Here in this article, I’ll describe you with some effective ways you can try to get your job done.

Before starting, I’ll suggest you to check your current keyword position so that, you can have a healthy track record of keyword improvement. SO, let’s have a quick look on the steps.

Blog Post Title Optimization

Your blog title works as an anchor text to bring traffic from major search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. So you have to optimize it according to your business keyword. Always try to put your main keyword into the blog title. Never use the core keyword as your blog title.

For example, if your keyword is “Asian Holiday Packages” then you can write “Cheap Asian Holiday Packages and Travel Deals” as your blog title rather than “Asian Holiday Packages”.

Writing Style

Always try to put some steps in your article to make it easy to read for your visitors. People don’t have enough time to read your lengthy article with patience. You have to make it attractive by using some steps or bullet points to make it short and to-the-point.

Use Internal Linking Properly

Internal linking is the safer way to get backlink boost from your own website. This technique can bring some extra search engine juice by which you can get extra mileage to rank in the SERP. Always try to put some relevant article link with your write-up to help your readers to know more about it. In other hands, you can also promote your old blog posts by using this method.

Guest Blog Posting

This is a never-ending technique in SEO world. If you want to make your post popular and want to get some quick ranking in major search engines then guest blog posting service is the ultimate solution for you. You just need to search some reputed blogs with high traffic and convince them to allow you to contribute an informative article in their niche for their blog.

Social Media Share

Social share will not directly help you’re to move ahead in SERP but it can increase your website referral traffic and web popularity in a shorter time and thus your website gets visited by so many people, now this extra visitors can boost your search engine ranking very fast. That is why, it is always suggested that, maintaining social profiles with updated news always bring you some good results. Just after your blog post shares it all of your social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in etc. and let your audience know about your post and try to build a relationship with them.

It is very tough and confusing job to make your blog posts rank. But, if you remember those above points then you can see some effective results in search engine pages. So, friends, you know the tricks now, try-out your best and hope for the best.