Many people start an e-commerce website to sell products and services. They rely on organic and highly targeted traffic that will respond well to marketing messages and calls to action. There are different factors of an e-commerce website, if we want to achieve success with it, such as business model, business opportunity, market size, target segment and others. With highly targeted search, you will be able to obtain more business and you will have higher search engine ranking. Just like with any website, it is important that we are able to create SEO friendly webpages in our e-commerce website. We also make sure that our content can be properly indexed. For new online businesses, they often find that short and primary keywords are already highly competitive.

It means that search result ranks for these positions have been strongly acquired by existing e-commerce websites that are selling similar or related products. The common method for new businesses is to target long tail keywords or longer keyphrases that have less competition. The end goal is to get a lot of genuine visitors who want to purchase your products. It is important that you are able to properly create highly unique content for these pages. Content for your products may include product highlights, features and descriptions, as well as special offers and user feedback. Many SEO concepts for e-commerce websites are quite similar with those for regular websites. However, there are also some differences in SEO concepts that can help you to get the most out of your e-commerce website.

There are optimizations that you can make to improve the effectiveness of your website. As an example, you need to modify and expand the manufacturer’s product details and descriptions. If the same product is also sold by competing online sellers, it is likely that they use generic description provided by the manufacturer. By having a unique and improved product description, you will have significant SEO advantages compared to your competitors. If you use the generic description, you will certainly end up with duplicate content in your pages. For e-commerce website, navigation is especially important, because you will have dozens or hundreds of product pages. You need to make sure that search engine bots are able to crawl and index all of your pages.

In order to improve access to all parts of your website, it is a good idea to create separate landing page for each product categories. It means that your e-commerce website will have multiple homepages that are designed for each category. The URL format for each category landing page can be “” and it means that product page will follow its respective category. So, the complete URL format for each product page will become This simple and straightforward arrangement will pay you back in the future.  It will become much easier for search engine bots to crawl all product pages based under each category hierarchy. This arrangement will also help you to focus on specific long tail keywords that can be used as the name of your product. Just like regular websites, you should make sure that all categories and important sections of your website can be reached from header, sidebar and footer navigation with just a single click.