WordPress is a highly versatile and extensible content management system that can transform your website into many forms. One essential component that makes WordPress so versatile is plugin. There are thousands of plugins that we can use to extend the usefulness of basic WordPress installation. Some are designed to improve your SEO performance and one of them is Simple 301 Redirects. Redirect is simply an attempt to redirect users from one page to another, often without their knowledge, because it happens in the background. In this case, 301 redirect is useful when you migrate from standard PHP-based website or other formats to WordPress. When this capability is activated, you will be redirected seamlessly to the new WordPress website. A critical SEO benefit of 301 redirect is that your inbound link values and PageRank will also be transferred to the new WordPress website. It is a common fact, the age, quantity and quality of each backlink are essential in determining your search engine ranking. So, it is important for you to preserve these valuable SEO assets when you migrate to a new WordPress website.

It would not be a good thing if you need to restart the SEO process all over again, because you move your website to a new WordPress installation. Without 301 redirect, all the valuable backlinks will be lost forever and your posts will be re-indexed as if they are completely new. This will have a serious impact for your online business, because your webpages are removed from their original positions. Using the 301 redirect plugin should be relatively easy. You need to type in the old and new URLs in the plugin interface, so all the SEO juice and traffic will be directed from the old URL to the new one. A transition to WordPress is essential for many website owners, because they can extend the usability of the websites in a proper manner.

In the websmaster tools account, we should be able to discover many things that can help us improve the situation. As an example, we should check whether there are crawl errors associated with the migration to new website platform. In the end, WordPress would prove to be a more efficient platform and this will have positive impacts on your overall search engine performance. You should look for hidden issues caused by the redirection and the overall migration to the new website. These hidden problems could have real impact to your website, so it is important that you don’t allow this to happen to you whatever happens. In the end, it is all about making sure that your website will be able to return to full operational status. You may need to ask SEO professionals about things that may happen during the redirection process, because this can have huge impact to your online business. However, with enough common sense, you shouldn’t be too concerned about what may happen to your online business. WordPress is a versatile platform that can bring impacts to your SEO efforts.