A logo maker can be used to create simple and affordable logos. Keeping in mind the significance of a logo design, more and more business owners are opting for a a smart online logo maker. Smart logo makers help user in designing and selecting the logo design they find the most appropriate without breaking the bank. Many business owners hire professional designers to create the logo and process is not only time consuming but also expensive. With logo makers such as Designhill, this process can be completed within minutes.

Why Designhill?

Designhill is an online logo maker which uses artificial intelligence to create designer custom logos. The interface is user-friendly and helps you create a professional looking logo design in minutes with the help of simple instructions. Even a user with little or no designing background can create a spectacular logo with these easy steps.

To help you understand better, we have illustrated how we tried creating a custom logo for a Jewellery Designer. Visit the designhill logo maker page and create a professional looking logo within minutes.

Step 1:  Enter your Company Name

The above link would take you directly to the Designhill logo maker page. Here you will be asked to enter your company name. In case the company name and brand name are different, enter the brand name here as this name will be used on the logos generated by the AI.
designhill logo maker

Step 2: Choose the Designs that match your Style

As you are redirected to the next screen, the AI will ask you to choose your budget. This defines how much detailing and intricate designs are to be incorporated in the logo design.

budget select designhill logo maker

Once you have chosen the budget, click on Continue. You will now arrive at a screen where you will be asked to choose 5 logos that you find appealing out of the selection. These designs were designed on Designhill and your selections help the AI understand your preferences for style.

select type designhill logo maker

Step 3: Selecting Colours

Colours are a vital element of logo design. They are significant in adding a flourish to your logo as well as help the customers recall. When you are creating a custom logo with Designhill logo maker, you can choose the colours you want for the design. At this step, you will be asked to select up to 3 colours, however, you can select even one colour. Keep in mind that when you select a colour, it will provide you with the whole colour family with all the shades of that colour. In case you are not sure which colours to choose, you can opt for the “Let the AI Choose My Colours” option.

color designhill logo maker

After choosing the colours, click on “Continue” in order to move to the next step.

Step 4: Adding Company Name and Slogan

Add your company name and slogan in the next screen. The slogan/tagline is not a compulsory field. In case you do not wish to have your tagline as part of your logo design, you can leave the field blank.

fill details designhill logo maker

Step 5: Select symbols and Icons

In this step, the logo maker asks you to select up to 5 relevant symbols which can be used in your logo design. You can explore and select from a wide range of keywords. Most of the keywords have more than one variant of symbols. Just like the step where we chose colours, this step can be skipped or revisited later.

icons designhill logo maker

Step 6: Edit or Purchase the Design

Once you have moved to the next screen, Designhill will show you all the designs prepared using artificial intelligence. At this stage, you can proceed to purchase a logo design you find suitable or you can edit a logo design which you believe needs work. The potential logo designs that can be viewed here are numerous and even more can be viewed by clicking on “Load More”.

Editing your logo Design

One of the amazing features of this logo maker is the tools you are provided to customize your design.
As you click on Edit Logo, you will be redirected to the edit setup. At this stage there are various tools that are simple to use and help you customize your logo. Also, there are numerous illustrations that depict how the logo would appear on different print media. This provides a visual guide of how the logo design can be used.

In order to change your logo design here are some of the commands which can be used:

  1. Edit Name & Slogan: Here you will be able to edit your company name and slogan. In addition to the text, you can edit fonts for both, font size, text case and even letter spacing.
  2. Edit Colours: When you click on Edit Colours, an additional menu bar appears where you have the options to change colours for the background, company name, slogan, symbol as well as the container. You can select a custom shade by adding the respective shade code in the menu bar.
  3. Edit Symbol: You can change the symbol and its position on the layout using this option. The symbol size and symbol distance too can be edited here. Also, in case you want to remove the symbol, you can select the delete icon on the symbol menu bar.
  4. Add Container: The containers or shapes around the company name can be customized by clicking on “Add Container”. You have the option to choose from filled and outline. The shapes you can use include: Hexagon, Circle, Square, Octagon and Rectangle.

In case you do not wish to make the changes manually, you can use the option Layout Variation or Logo Variation on the right end of the menu bar where the AI makes some changes and displays the variants for you to choose from.

Step 7 : Choose your suitable package.

budget designhill logo maker

Once you are satisfied, you can go ahead and purchase the logo using a package that suits your needs and falls in your budget.

The Designhill logo maker offers three logo packages and each package consists of various features and inclusions:

  • Basic Package: This is the most affordable package costing about Rs 500 ($20). With this package you can download the low resolution file and is recommended for those who are just starting out.
  • Premium Package: The Premium package by Designhill is the most popular as it provides high resolution files which are suitable for print at the cost of Rs 1650 ($65). Downloadable files also include vector files, SVG, Transparent backgrounds, font names etc.
  • Enterprise Package: The Enterprise Package costs Rs 12999 ($199) and is suitable for companies looking for professional designers to compete in a logo design contest. Over 15 designers compete in the logo design contest and you can choose from more than 30 designs.

Logo design is an essential part of the branding process for a business. A logo is the first thing customers see and proves to be instrumental in forming an impression in their mind. A logo maker like Designhill helps you make the correct choice when it comes to logo design while taking an active part in the process. So, what are you waiting for? Get Started Now!


Logo Designing can be a daunting task, especially for a business owner with little or no experience in designing. However, a user-friendly AI based logo maker such as Designhill can save the day. Since the Designhill logo maker is based on artificial intelligence, logo designs are easy to create and affordable. With Designhill anyone can create a professional looking logo within minutes without breaking a sweat.