Search engine optimization is an essential method if you want to rank high in search engine results and get genuine traffic that can bring you results. However, many people find that even for a keyword with moderate level of competition, ranking high in search engine results can be an effortful undertaking. There are different factors that can help you achieve much and they are called web metrics. These metrics are important indicators to define whether you have been successful enough with your effort. These metrics can be analyzed using web analytic tools and they are essential to ensure solid SEO performance. By monitoring web metrics, website administrators and SEO practitioners can be kept abreast of the real time SEO performance and they can react to any kind unwanted issues.

If web metrics are satisfactory enough, you can be sure that you will gain desired profits and achieve your goals. There are different ways to categorize web metrics. First of all, you need to identify metrics that can drive highly targeted traffic to your website. If you want real traffic to reach your website, you know what web metrics to focus on, such as the ability of a keyword to drive targeted traffic to your website. Some web metrics can also persuade people to take desired actions to your website. As an example, you may evaluate which buttons or links in specific webpages or navigation structure that encourage people to purchase your products, use your services or subscribe to your newsletters. Find out their prominent characteristics and try to replicate them all over your websites.

Web metrics may also tell us about the level of site usage. For this purpose, we may use specific web metrics, such as average time people spend on our website, bounce rate, page views and total number of views. The percentage of new visits also indicates the result of our SEO project. These web metrics could also enable SEO practitioners to figure out the positive and absolute marketing plan. The type of browser could also tell us at which platform that we need to focus on. As an example, if it appears that an increasing number of traffic is using Android and iOS, we may consider optimizing the mobile capabilities of our website. It means that our website will be much easier to access using mobile devices.

Web metrics may also help us to improve the content quality. The time people spend in a webpage could correlate with the amount of interesting information shown in each webpage. If the information is limited and shallow, people will scan the page quickly and leave it. Entrance path is a web metric that can also be used to measure the quality of our content. High quality webpages could become the likely entrance paths or primary landing pages to our website. It’s not uncommon that the primary homepage becomes the least the popular webpage in our website. Again, we should patterns of successful entry ways in our website and try to replicate them in future webpages.