Our homes have become one of the primary sources that are constantly consuming energy. This is why it has become imperative that we try and reduce the carbon footprint of every home around the world. Home automation services currently are doing a great job of helping out families in minimizing their energy usage and also preserving the environment. They are also able to offer the ultimate convenience in the process. During summertime, you will need to take the times to use your home automation system properly considering the rise in chances of increased electricity bills.

Cielo WiGle Inc., is a home automation company that manufactures smart controllers for ductless air conditioners and heat pumps. The company had been founded by Waseem Amer and Anees Ahmed Jarral in 2014. It is currently headquartered in Redmond, Washington and operates across Canada and United States. It has become the first-ever company in the United States to help launch smart solutions for ductless air conditioners, and also to feature home products that are run by android or iOS devices. The company primarily focuses on providing consumers with maximum utility by providing smart controls that improve energy efficiency and savings.

Here are some ways that companies like Cielo WiGle Inc. are helping us save our environment

Monitoring energy utilization

When you look at your energy bills, you will notice how much energy you are actually utilizing and which systems are costing you the most. Usually, the biggest enables of energy waste are home facilities like a water heater, cooling systems, and heaters. You can use your home automation technology to be able to track how much energy is being used in real-time and how you can identify all of the worst energy wasters within your home.

Use smarter plugs

If you want to control your energy usage, then one of the best ways to do that is to use smart plugs. You can easily turn off the smart plug when the appliance is not in use. For instance, when your TV is plugged into a regular outlet, then it means it is always using energy even if it is not turned on. With a smart plug, the energy will only be used when the TV is on. With traditional plugs, our devices are always plugged in, and this means that a lot of energy is being utilized all the time.

Reduce water waste

American households use up to 320 gallons of water each day. About one-third of that is being used to maintain lawns. Thus smart irrigation systems prevent the waste of water and save up to 8,800 gallons of water each year. The systems uses AI technology to be able to sync with the local weather predictions and also keep your garden healthy by making sure that you do not overwater it.