The future of technology is to take wireless gadget use to its ultimate limits, and there is a lot of room for growth in this area of device connectivity and remote functionality. Wireless access gives the user of these technologies the ability to operate any number of devices by sheer remote control. To put that into perspective, it means that humanity can potentially do far more work with far less effort. The following are a few gadgets that will likely go wireless over the next decade.

Wireless Charging Transmitters

With the advent of the wireless charging pads for smartphones, it will only be a matter of time before these gadgets could be tweaked for longer charging distances and more rapid charging rates. As more devices are adapted for wireless charging, this suggests that nearly any device that is electronic and needs an energy source will be a prime candidate for being used in some wireless capacity or other. In this respect, the evolution of the wireless charging pad will send technology down the steps to creating a more robust wireless charging transmitter and network to handle the energy needs of as many electronic devices as a person owns. In essence, this wireless charging transmitter set up may turn out to be a modification to already existing wall plug-in sites in homes and buildings that creates a wireless proximity field that devices need to be placed within in order to be recharged. According to NPR, one California-based company is hard at work at making it possible to charge devices up to a distance of two to three feet from the transmitter.

Security Cameras

Gadgets You'll See Going Wireless In The Next Decade

A camera provides the ability to view the outside world with amazing clarity. Given the added benefit of wireless access makes it possible to remotely observe virtually any location on our planet from any device that receives graphic telemetry over the Internet. According to ADT, wireless security cameras give you the freedom to install them anywhere, and that is truly the basis of how global security will become a reality in the very near future.

Wireless Head Caps

As technology pushes for better ways to affect Brain Control Interfaces (BCIs) for mind control over other objects, this will eventually lead to the development of an inexpensive universal cap that contains brainwave probes and transmits brainwave signals to other devices for more personalized remote control capabilities. While this technology already exists in the beginning stages for people who lack motor control, gaming purposes and object manipulation, improvements over the next decade should make wireless caps for controlling devices and networks a mainstream approach to the next tech revolution for driving industrial innovations. According to RewireMe, many of the technical issues behind detecting and mapping brainwave signals to be used in digital mind control processing have already been worked out.


Wireless devices allow for greater connectivity across planet earth. The more devices that take advantage of wireless technology, the more globally connected people and their electronic gadgets will inevitably become. It is this network of connectivity that makes wireless technology such a useful and exciting frontier to take advantage of in the coming decade.