We all like gadgets and use them in different ways, whether they are for kitchen, traveling, or sport. You can even find something good and helpful for your pets and family attractions. How about using smartphones and apps to hire a car or booking hotel room? It’s ok to have a number of gadgets to take care of your health and sport. Do you know that your smartphone is able to watch your training and check your health condition while you are on training? Factually, you have a chance to meet TOP of these useful FOR-HEALTH gadgets, and who knows, maybe you already have one of them!

Cicret  Wearable Projection Band

Price: $160

Can you live without music? Is it possible to wear your headphones when you go underwater? You don’t need it anymore! Your new device is able to relay music without using ear buds. That’s amazing! It can be easily placed on your swimming suite or swimming glasses. The device makes music louder or quiet, depending on conditions and depth. The battery works for 8 hours without recharging.

  1. Sportiiis

Price: $150

This gadget is especially good for all who are in active sports. Do you like cycling? Can you check your stats and health conditions while you are on the go? It can be dangerous. Sportyiiis helps you to track your heart in the safest way. You can see it on the display. The device can be easily placed on your sunglasses from the side to touch your head and check your pulse. Thus, you can control your heart and drive your bicycle faster or slower. This device is small and weights nothing. It is not difficult to carry it on your head.

  1. Misfit Shine

Price: $120

This is a kind of bracelet that is connected with your smartphone. The bracelet checks your body criteria and sends it to your telephone. The app is available for iOS. Besides, it looks cool and stylish on your hand! The bracelet is water resistant and you can easily go surfing with its helpful control. Also, it looks good on your nee or elbow. Just do your exercises and control your health condition. Don’t worry if it is dark outside. Just tap the monitor and watch your progress.

Misfit Shine、外箱開封イメージ

Price: $250

The system is not new. You have a bracelet or watch that is connected with your smartphone. Why do you need it? If you are a sportsman it is important for you to check your pulse, blood oxygenation and other rates. It is not a medical gadget but it is widely used in sport. Why not? The watch is portative, stylish, light in weight; it can be easily especially useful for sport people and travelers. The information can be saved and exported on your page.

Fitbug Orb
  1. HAPIfork

Price: $100

How about your dieting? It is not a secret that you should eat slow to feel better. There is a unique fork that watches your eating style and checks eating speed with the help of special vibrations. If you cannot control yourself while you are eating, there is a gadget that can do it for you. Traditionally, there is an app that receives your fork’s signals and stores all necessary information.

  1. Fitbit Aria

Price: $130

There are weighting scales that can boast a lot of surprising functions. Thus, you can be informed not only about your weight, but also about your weight progress in future. It’s a big computer that can do incredible things with your personal information. Fitbit Aria knows everything about your weight, body mass index, body fat percentage. You can receive this information on your laptop or smartphone. It also controls your body progress that you can share with your friends or doctors.

Weight Gurus black bathroom scale on wood floor
  1. Amiigo Fitness Bracelet

Price: $130

Amiigo also looks like a fitness bracelet. It gives you an opportunity to check your fitness condition while you are in sport. The bracelet consists of two separate parts, for hands and for legs. It is important to receive your body activity from its upper and lower part. The gadget is especially good for such activities as football, basketball, cycling, hiking, water sports, golf, and even walking. It follows your every movement, cycle, frequency.

  1. Sensoria Smart Sock

Price: $120

Is it a smart sock? Seriously? You can wear your special socks to receive signals from your ankles. The gadget is recommended for runners as it shows everything about it. You can know how much productive your training are. How does it work? Oh, it simply works with the help of a small sensor in the socks. Don’t worry, it is comfortable to wear. What is more, you can connect this helpful device you’re your smartphone and get a lot of advices about how to improve your running.

So, there are only 8 useful and so-called healthy gadgets in the list above. It is not the end. Every day new and more impressive creatures come to see the world to help people be up to date and stay fit! Your personal trainer cannot spend the whole day with you, monitoring your condition, can he? Of course, you don’t need it. There are many e-gadgets around!