WordPress is a blogging platform and we need to handle it properly. Unlike other website format, it comes with various features with unique capabilities. As an example, WordPress webpage often comes with default comment section and it allows people to interact with us. However, we should know that this could have a bad consequence. As an example, we need to deal with comment and link spams. It is important to get comments only from who appreciate your content genuinely. They shouldn’t leave unrelated promotion and links to their products and websites. It is much better if you are able to filter all comments before they are uploaded. It is important to know that comment will also be indexed by search engine bots and inappropriate keywords that commenters write will have an effect in your SEO effort.

Good comments will have positive impacts to your SEO efforts. Knowledgeable commenters will add extra information in the comment section that complements your content. It means that traffic can be attracted by the comment section, because it may provide unique information that can’t be found anywhere else. Comment can be based personal, real life experience of each commenter, which will bring more values to our page. Another mistake is to not customize the basic Error 404 page. In general, this page represents a bottleneck in navigation and visitors can’t go anywhere. You’re lucky if the visitor simply hits the back button to return to your website, because many of them will leave your website by closing the browser tab.

The error 404 page should be properly enhanced, so it will still contains much of the layout and navigation of your website. It means that users should be able to access headers, footers and sidebar navigation. You may also add recommended pages, so users will still likely click them and remain in your site. WordPress is highly efficient, but you can still cause it load slowly due to the addition of excess plugins, intricate themes and too many widgets. WordPress is an open source platform and it’s easy to make changes to any internal PHP file. This may encourage some people to put all sorts of unnecessary and weird codes, causing slow loads with little return in terms of functionality. Websites that load quickly obtains extra SEO benefits compared to slow loading ones.

Another mistake is not updating your sitemap. Your WordPress blog will have natural growth and it is important that the sitemap of our website will be updated as well. Sitemap is used as a method to proper communicate with spiders and it is important that all pages will be proper indexed. A properly updated sitemap will inform search engine bots about the URL of each webpage. An effective sitemap will do you blog a lot of good. Depending on your WordPress version, you should learn how to generate a Google sitemap. There’s a popular plugin that allows you to create a sitemap file easily in .xml format, which can be uploaded to Google and other major search engines.