With the increasing adoption of smartphones and advent of ‘mobile-only’ landscape, mobile apps are becoming a core part of every business. Both users and business leaders are turning towards the mobile applications for relishing the best out of their lives. In such a scenario, if you are a startup and are still wondering that mobile app is a legacy of established brands – you are losing an opportunity to rule the market.

A mobile application can add value to your business in numerous ways. I understand that being a startup, it can be challenging for you to afford the mobile application development cost. This is why I recommend you to go for Android app development.

The Android platform, when compared to iOS, has an ample of benefits which can help you enjoy the best of both the worlds. In a layman’s language, Android mobile application development can let you enjoy the perks of mobile presence without going bankrupt. Wondering how?

Here are a few reasons why startups should go for Android app development:

Wider Market

With a bigger slice of mobile market share covering different regions and countries across the globe, it is evident that Android app can cater to the needs of a larger audience. So, it is profitable for startups to invest in Android application development.

If you are someone targeting the audience from developing nations, it is must for you to make your brand available on Android platform.

Plethora of Opportunities

It is quite difficult for a startup to maintain its presence in the market due to stiff competition from established brands and other reasons. However, an Android app can help. By investing in Android app development, you can get in touch with a wider audience, understand the market, and offer services in a more engaging way. Besides, you can get feedback from the target user base in real-time and upgrade your existing services for better outcomes.

Lower Investment

Since Android is an open-source platform, most of the resources and frameworks required for Android software development are free. This makes Android a perfect solution to the budget issue faced by many startups. In other words, Android platform enables startups to relish the benefits of having an Android business app without struggling with the budget.

Smooth Entry

Besides being an open-source platform, Android is more lenient than iOS for app approval. It does not demand you to follow stringent guidelines, which implies you can easily and swiftly launch your application in the Google Play Store.

Endless Marketing Opportunities

Unlike iOS, Android applications can be submitted to different third-party app stores like Amazon and Samsung. This improves the app visibility and increases the chances of making a better profit out of Android app development.

More Accessibility to Business Solutions

With every individual having a smartphone, the mobile apps can add value to your business much better than any other marketing method. An Android app designed for your business can streamline the customer engagement process. It can create a presence of your brand in the user’s mind and prompt them for using the Push notifications, Social Media sharing and other such options. Besides, it can empower them to remain in touch with your brand, check for your services, see the recent update, ask for a query, and much more.

Considering these facilities, are you planning to invest in Android application development?

Better Customization

When it comes to customization, Android application development is a better option over iOS application development. It offers flexibility to the app developers and business leaders to design the layout as per the business needs. Besides, the platform offers a facility to integrate multiple tools for communication, data management, etc. into the mobile app. This, as a whole, makes Android a perfect match for the startups.

Instant Profit

In the present mobile-only world, an Android app can go viral much faster than a web app. This implies investing in Android mobile app development can bring faster and higher return on investment when compared to web app development.

Now, as you are well-versed with the plethora of advantages of investing in Android app development, are you planning for the same? It is a profitable investment. So, don’t overlook the opportunity. Hire an Android application development company today itself.