Trying to pack for a holiday or business trip is never easy, but once you’ve stepped foot in the airport, you just want everything to run smoothly. There are so many different gadgets out there to take on your trip, and of course you only have so much space. So, here we’ve created a guide with the best and most useful tech to take on your holiday. 


Travel Pillow

Once you’ve reached the plane and the stress and worry of being on time is far behind you, being able to get comfortable is essential if you want to start your relaxing holiday early. The way to do this? A good travel pillow. As mentioned before, space is always limited, so you need something both practical and comfortable. Enter the Trtl Travel Pillow. The greatest benefit of this pillow is that it is half the size of your usual neck pillow, as it is made from a soft fleece that is completely flat, until you use the adjustable fastening to create the perfect pillow for you. It offers great neck support and is also machine washable so you can keep it fresh everytime. You won’t have to worry about it taking up space or being too heavy, so you can sit back and relax with this one-of-a-kind neck pillow. 


Sit-On Case

Travelling with children can be stressful, especially when they decide to throw a tantrum just as you need to sprint through the airport to your plane. So, try the Micro Eazy 3IN1 Suitcase, which is the perfect hand luggage size, but can double up as a trolley for your child to sit on and be pulled along. You can fit at least a change of clothes and all of your on-board travel essentials into this handy piece of luggage, and it can make both you and your tired little one happy. 



If you’re a keen traveller and enjoy going to different places all the time, having to invest in new travel plugs for each place can be a pain. Equally, if you are planning on travelling across a range of countries, you don’t want to have to budget for new travel plugs. Luckily, this All in One Universal USB Travel Power Adaptor by JYDMIX is the answer to all of your adaptor needs. Compatible in over 200 countries, this adaptor will ensure you’re not stuck wherever you go. 


Portable Charger

With our boarding passes and hotel information almost always on our phone now, having a reliable portable charger is key. The Zendure A2 Power Bank is extremely tough, can charge your phone fully up to three times to keep you going and is very compact so won’t compromise your luggage space. With the 24 month warranty, I’m sure this product won’t let you down.


Safe Backpack

For those of you heading on a city based adventure, the Pacsafe Stylesafe Backpack will give you peace of mind to take in the sights without being concerned about safety. The lockable security hooks are built into the straps, it is made of an anti-slash material and the lockable zippers will all ensure that your belongings are safe. It’s a shame that our trips can sometimes be tainted by pickpockets, but this certainly won’t be a concern if you invest in the Pacsafe backpack.