While social media is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies you can use to drive your company forward, it can also be confusing. There are many different ways to approach your social media strategy. To help you come up with some solid ideas, here’s how four different brands are using social media.

1. Dove

4 Brilliant Social Media Strategies and Why You Should Be Taking Notes

Dove takes a different approach than most brands. They have heavily aligned themselves with various social messages such as their campaign for real beauty which shows women in all shapes, colors and sizes. Through social media, they’re able to start important conversations and have established one of the most powerful brand affinities with their customers today. Think about how Dove is able to connect with their target audience and how you can do the same.

2. Staples

For companies that don’t have conventionally exciting products, social media can be challenging.

Staples turns what is normally seen as boring into a fun experience. They share quirky doodles on sticky note pads, post cheeky pictures of a staple remover stained in red ink for their Halloween Dracula theme, and take random pictures of employees goofing off. These fun posts end up getting shared all over the web and lead to Staples creating a strong online brand presence. How can you turn boring topics into engaging ones to build brand recognition?

3. doTERRA

4 Brilliant Social Media Strategies and Why You Should Be Taking Notes

doTERRA takes a multi faceted approach to their social media strategy. They start by being present in all the major platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Next, they share all kinds of content from videos, photos, infographics, blog posts, to quick updates. The variety keeps their audience engaged.

They also center their social media strategy primarily on how-to content. They share various examples of how their products can be used and share stories of how their customers are benefiting from them. This approach not only provides actual value to their audience, it also indirectly demonstrates the quality of their products. What kind of content can you create to add value to your followers’ lives?

4. Uber

4 Brilliant Social Media Strategies and Why You Should Be Taking Notes

It’s widely known that people are more known to buy a product or try out a service if it’s been recommended to them by their friends. Uber used this angle to come up with a brilliant social media strategy that grew a huge customer base and built a world renowned brand.

They started offering free rides to users that shared the company’s discount code on social media. This incentive driven approach took off and helped build the company on a relatively small budget. Is there any possible way you can use “social currency” to drive your social media marketing strategy?

As you can see, all four of these brands have used social media in their own unique way. Hopefully, these examples will inspire you to come up with a strategy that aligns with both your brand and business goals.