Unfortunately, in the United States, we have had a significant increase in crime related to adolescents in recent years. It affects not only the safety of the general population but also the country’s economic growth since they are the future of our country.

This serious problem is mainly because most of the crimes and violence that have been generated are driven by criminal groups that fight for the power of the territories marked by the different cartels that operate throughout the national territory and across the border.

We have to take into account that these cartels have contributed to the increase in crime. It is derived from the constant recruitment of young people in criminal organizations to attack the safety and well-being of citizens. They know that adolescents are a subject of most vulnerability and are easy to manipulate and brainwashed into doing certain acts.

It is important to remember that the state must carry out the work of preparing crime prevention programs and also provide the institutions responsible for executing these programs with material and human resources. Otherwise nothing will serve the purpose. Educational institutions have come to give scholarships to young people and job training. However, it is not only the only thing that must be considered to prevent adolescents from entering the ranks of crime.

We believe that the public and private sector must create an alliance in the fight against juvenile delinquency through educational training programs, job skills, for life through social enterprises and violence prevention programs. There must be the use of advanced technology to achieve this: positive self and community development.

Prevention programs for adolescents must be before, and after they commit some criminal behavior. For example, the family must avoid being associated with crime. The problem is that not everyone in the family is criminally motivated. Also, some members are the ones who encourage adolescents to commit crimes, either out of necessity or due to a bad generational habit.

Subsequently, once the adolescent has committed the crime, various services can be provided in all the internment centers in the country, such as mental and physical health, professional and educational skills, positive social interactions so, that they can have a productive role in their community when they are returned to their family environment.

Family participation is and has always been a fundamental pillar of society since, within the family, it is the place where members are born, educated, and learn the first ways of relating. For this reason, the family represents the most important nucleus of socialization for a child and/or adolescent.

We want to reinforce the values ​​that we want to reinforce with crime prevention programs: generosity, respect, justice, responsibility, loyalty, and self-esteem through working with parents, children, and adolescents.

More awareness should be created around the role of communities and prevention of crime in communities. A good source has always been Community Watch, an online platform which distributes knowledge and information relating to preventing of crime in securities. The platform is committed to greater community empowerment by safeguarding streets and ensuring each member in neighborhoods has a constitutional right to security.